Thursday, October 15, 2009

I said for Lawrence the end of man is woman. She said Lawrence is the most unamerican of writers, then adding, Among the most. I suppose I can think of several Germans. In America you don’t like the word philosopher. You take it out of the titles of your children’s books. Americans put their faith in common sense, I said. Egalitarianism and common sense. She said if common sense were folk sense it might cure a wart, but as such it cannot tell you anything you don’t already know. And that is the fallacy of common sense, it makes a virtue of ignorance. In America you have dangerous books. Your best writers, Emerson and Thoreau, they are useless to your liberals. One of our politicians said Emerson was a proto Social Democrat. He was laughed at by the academicians, who said he was conservative.

Manners. D.H. Lawrence. Kangaroo: Australian Labour has set out from the first on the principle that huge fortunes should not be made out of its efforts. We have had the obvious example of America before us, and we have been determined from the start that Australia should not fall into the hands of a small number of millionaires and a larger number of semi-millionaires. It has been our idea that a just proportion of all profits should circulate among the workers in the form of wages. Supposing the worker does get his pound a day. It is enormous, isn’t it? It is preposterous. Of course it is. But it isn’t preposterous for a small bunch of owners or shareholders to get their ten pounds a day, for doing nothing. Sundays included. That isn’t preposterous, is it? They raise the plea that their fathers and forefathers accumulated the capital by their labours. Well, haven’t our fathers and forefathers laboured? Haven’t they? And what have they accumulated? The right to labour on, and be paid for it what the others like to give ’em.

To the simple-minded everybody’s simple-minded.

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